Operations Department

Vice President of Operations: Abby Hames

Director of Ambulance Operations: Jay Cole

Director of Communications: Noah Money

Director of Scheduling: Kara Wilcox

Director of Standbys: Alice Currie

Director of Equipment: Alex Sorensen 

Director of Electronic Systems: Thomas Ostberg

Director of Office Maintenance and Enhancement: Armen Asik

Director of Safety:  Beatrice Trad

Staff Department

Vice President of Staff: Sabreen Mohammed 

Directors of Public Relations: Maureen Schwarz, Nick Cohen, Michelle Cho

Directors of Alumni Relations: Hayden Giles

Director of Personnel: Manya Reddy

Directors of Probationary Members: Emily Taylor, Lauren Whitlock, Dylan Arkowitz, Payton Parris, Bonnie Sneider

Historian: Miranda Xiong

Education Department

Vice President of Education: Sanjana Chimata

Directors of Training: Dhruvi Banerjee, Hannah Locke, Meghan Shaughnessy

Assistant Directors of Training: TBD

Director of Ongoing Education: Caitlin Schwarz

Director of Recertification and Continuing Medical Education: Hannah Locke

Director of CPR: Maureen Schwarz

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Department

Vice President of DEI: Dua Mobin

Director of Campus Outreach: Sofia Willis 

Director of Behavioral Health: Matthew Kenny

Director of Sexual Violence Response: Lauren Whitlock

Treasury Department

Treasurer: Merritt Hayes

Director of Business Relations: Gustavo Franco Quaresma de Moura

Director of Community Development: Arjun Chhabra