GERMS welcomes all undergraduate students at Georgetown University holding a National Registry of EMTs (NREMT) EMT-B certification to apply for membership. If you do not currently hold an NREMT-B certification, check out the GERMS EMT course offered each spring, summer, and fall by our Department of Education.

As a member of GERMS, you will respond to emergency calls on a fully licensed ambulance crew, developing valuable patient care, teamwork, and leadership experience along the way. You will also build friendships that will last far beyond your time as a Georgetown undergraduate. After graduation, you’ll join our robust alumni network.

GERMS is able to successfully operate due to the diversity of its membership. GERMS actively solicits applications from students of all different backgrounds, and we do not tolerate any type of discrimination resulting from an identity with which the applicant identifies.

For pre-medical or nursing students, GERMS provides a unique opportunity to acquire volunteer clinical experience prior to applying to graduate school or jobs. Additionally, we have members from every school at Georgetown (college, nursing, business, School of Foreign Service) and a wide variety of majors and minors.

Each semester, GERMS admits a new class of probationary EMTs, who are affectionately known as “probies.” Probies quickly learn about the organization’s culture and protocols as they ride shifts, participate in training exercises, and partake in social events. GERMS has developed an integrated, multilayered mentorship system to ensure each probationary member has a senior member with whom he or she can ask for guidance.



Dylan Antonioli
Calyn Brumley
Myra Chaudhry
Jack Childs
Sydney Cook
Jane Doherty
Jack Dunn
Anuj Dutta
Nicole Frontera
Libby Horak
Stella Kim

Theresa Kim
Gabby Law
Annie Maines
Michael Mazzariello
Antonia Sames
Anna Strunjas
Lily Tahmassebi
Justin Tanaka
Arthi Thyagarajan
Brenna Towell 
Sara Villanueva
Clare Westerman


Dylan Arkowitz
Lauren Aslami
Sanjana Chimata
Maddie Flynn
Abby Hames
Samika Hariharan
Claudio Hernandez Munoz
Marisa Kiley
Jamie Lee

Sabreen Mohammed
Noah Money
Matthew Nguyen
Payton Parris
Cat Pothier
Charlotte Rowley
Meghan Shaughnessy
Sofia Wills


Nour Alim
Luke Anderson
Armen Asik
Jackson Baker
Dhruvi Banerjee
Simran Chaudhry
Arjun Chhabra
Michelle Cho
Nick Cohen
Jay Cole
Munasip Ertakus
Gustavo Franco Quaresma de Moura
Merritt Hayes

Matthew Kenney
Hannah Locke
Dua Mobin
Thomas Ostberg
Tharun Potluri
Bonnie Sneider
Alex Sorensen
Jessica Visone
Emily Taylor
Beatrice Trad
Danielle Whisnant
Lauren Whitlock
Miranda Xiong


Alice Currie
Kate Love
Manya Reddy

Caitlin Schwarz
Maureen Schwarz
Kara Wilcox