New Executive Board & Captain – March 15, 2024 – Georgetown University

Left to Right: Emily Taylor, Manya Reddy, Hannah Locke, Merritt Hayes, Thomas Ostberg, Tharun Potluri, Alice Currie, Kara Wilcox, Munasip Ertakus (Not Pictured: Jay Cole)

GERMS recently elected a new Executive Board and selected a new Captain to serve for the 2024 – 2025 year. GERMS is excited to announce the following members and their respective roles:

Captain: Tharun Potluri

Vice-President of Operations: Jay Cole

Vice-President of DEI: Munasip Ertakus

Treasurer: Alice Currie

Junior Member-At-Large: Emily Taylor

President: Merritt Hayes

Vice-President of Staff: Manya Reddy

Vice-President of Education: Hannah Locke

Senior Member-At-Large: Kara Wilcox

Secretary: Thomas Ostberg

GERMS would like to take an opportunity to thank the last-years Executive Board and Captain for their service to the organization and the Georgetown community. GERMS would like to recognize the following members that are graduating later this Spring:

Captain: Lauren Aslami

Vice-President of Staff: Sabreen Mohammed

Senior Member-At-Large: Noah Money

Vice-President of Operations: Abby Hames

Vice-President of Education: Sanjana Chimata

NCEMSF – February 25, 2024 – Baltimore, Maryland

Top (L to R): Ciara McNamara, Zach Fidlon, Lauren Whitlock, Kate Love, Sabreen Mohammed, Dylan Arkowitz, Merritt Hayes, Abby Hames, Meghan Shaughnessy, Lauren Aslami, Tharun Potluri | Bottom (L to R): Jane Smith, Anna Burgess, John Chow, Dua Mobin, Dhruv Banerjee, Sanjana Chimata, Payton Parris

Once again this year, GERMS proudly attended the NCEMSF Conference held in Baltimore, Maryland. Renowned as the center of collegiate EMS, the NCEMSF conference offers an invaluable platform for institutions seeking to enhance or establish campus EMS programs. Attendees benefit from a wealth of resources, engaging lectures, and the opportunity to glean insights from a diverse array of EMS professionals, fostering our commitment to ongoing advancement as emergency medical technicians.

This year marked a significant milestone for GERMS as we were honored with the “Striving for Excellence in Campus EMS” recognition. This esteemed accolade signifies our dedication to maintaining high standards in operational EMS, encompassing basic life support services, rapid response, ambulance transport, and medical coverage for special events. The evaluation criteria underscore our emphasis on delivering superior care, investing in comprehensive training for our staff and volunteers, and serving our community with distinction.

Additionally, GERMS reaffirmed its standing as a HEARTSafe Campus, championing initiatives to raise awareness about CPR and expand public access to life-saving defibrillation resources. Moreover, we maintained our distinction as a Bronze Tier EMS Ready Campus, highlighting our exemplary emergency management protocols and disaster preparedness measures within the collegiate EMS landscape.

GERMS Partners with HAAS Alert Safety Cloud® – February 23 , 2024 – Georgetown University

GERMS is happy to announce that we have begun the process of signing a five-year contract with the Chicago-based HAAS Alert. HAAS Alert Safety Cloud® provides Fire and EMS departments across the United States with increased safety and peace of mind while responding to calls and working on emergency scenes. GERMS will use both HAAS Alert’s Responder-to-Vehicle and Responder-to-Responder systems, which will notify motorists of a responding or parked emergency vehicle through the driver’s phone and in-vehicle based navigation systems. Additionally, the Responder-to-Responder system notifies emergency vehicle operators when two apparatus are on a possible collision course, enhancing safety. GERMS will be integrating our system with DC Fire and EMS allowing for enhanced interoperability and safety in our daily operations. HAAS Alert has a proven track record of reducing emergency vehicle crashes and increasing compliance in the motoring public with red lights and sirens. GERMS is proud to join DC Fire and EMS as the second DC-based agency to partner with HAAS Alert to better protect our personnel and the motoring public.

GERMS Welcomes New Probationary Members – January 21, 2024 – Georgetown University

GERMS recently welcomed nine students to the Spring 2024 probationary class after they successfully completed the application and interview process. These nine students will now learn about the organization’s culture and protocols as they ride shifts, participate in training exercises, and partake in social events. GERMS is proud of its integrated, multilayered mentorship system that will ensure each probationary member has a senior member with whom he or she can ask for guidance to be successful in the organization. Welcome to:

Zayan Baig
Anna Burgess
Lily Martucci
Ciara McNamara
Jillian Murphy

Nestory Ngolle
Jane Smith
Harry Sun
Ethan Westbrook

GERMS would like to thank all of the applicants, Vice-President of Staff Sabreen Mohammed, and the whole selection committee.

GERMS – A Top EMS Educator – January 15, 2024 – Georgetown University

DC Health recently announced that in 2023, 94.4% of the District of Columbia EMT students that sat for the NREMT examination earned their EMS Certification. This earned the District of Columbia the #1 rank in the country when it comes to EMS education. GERMS was a major part of that success with 96% of the 75+ students that sat for the NREMT examination earning their EMS Certification, far above the national average, and even above the DC average.

“This achievement is undoubtedly a testament to the dedication and expertise of our exceptional training team, incredible instructor Len Mascaro, and every single member of GERMS who volunteers their time to teach this class. As the program continues to uphold its reputation for one of the highest NREMT pass rates in the country, this is an opportunity to formally recognize and appreciate the outstanding efforts of the members of GERMS and the committed students who participate in our class” said Vice-President of Education Sanjana Chimata.

GERMS has just begun its Spring 2024 class with 32 students enrolled. GERMS will offer EMT classes both in the Summer and Fall of 2024. More information on these classes will be available on our website.

GERMS Compared to the DC & National Average [NREMT]

Fall 2023 Annual Donation Appeal – December 18, 2023 – Georgetown University


GERMS is dedicated to delivering exceptional care to our community and creating a distinctive experience for our members. However, we rely on your support to maintain and improve our programs. Your generosity directly influences the well-being of our volunteer EMTs, the individuals under our care, and the overall prosperity of our organization. Thank you in advance for your support!

Welcome to the Verstandig Pavilion at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital – December 9, 2023 – Washington, DC

Rendering by MedStar Health

GERMS is excited to announce the opening of the new Verstandig Pavilion at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. The hospital will feature a brand-new Emergency Department with 32 private exam rooms, as well as 156 private patient rooms, 31 state-of-the-art operating rooms (including a new intra-operative MRI suite), a rooftop helipad with direct access to the emergency department and operating rooms, and three levels of underground parking. 

The emergency department officially opened on December 9th and will be the primary transport location for GERMS patients, while GERMS will still offer transport to Sibley and George Washington Hospitals.

GERMS members had the opportunity to tour the new facility a few days before the opening.

New Vehicle: EMS 1 – September 1, 2023 – Georgetown University

Georgetown EMS 1 (P.C. Kate Love)

GERMS has recently welcomed a 2010 Ford Explorer into its fleet, courtesy of Darien EMS – Post 53. This vehicle will bear the distinguished call sign of EMS 1 and will be assigned our Duty Officer. EMS 1 comes equipped with essential safety features, including a state-of-the-art Whelen light bar, a robust siren system, and a 800 MHz radio communication system.

GERMS would like to thank the following for all of their hard work in the acquisition and preparation of this vehicle for service:

Abby Hames (Vice-President of Operations)
Jay Cole (Director of Ambulance Operations)
Alex Sorenson (Director of Equipment)
Thomas Ostberg (Director of Electronic Systems & former Post 53 President)
Merritt Hayes (Treasurer)
Jack Childs (former Captain)
Tharun Potluri (President)
Lauren Aslami (Captain)
Meghan Shaughnessy (Director of Driver Training & former Post 53 Member)

This acquisition continues our relationship with Darien EMS – Post 53 which dates back to our founding by Robert Doherty over 40 years ago, a former Post 53 member, and donation of our Unit 3 ambulance in 1985. Over the years, we have also welcomed several Post 53 alumni into the GERMS family, further cementing the bond between our organizations.

EMS 1 will go into service later this fall.

GERMS at Graduation – May 20, 2023 – Georgetown University

Today, we commemorate the momentous occasion of the graduation of our esteemed GERMS from the remarkable class of 2023. Congratulations to:

Dylan Antonioli
Calyn Brumley
Myra Chaudhry
Jack Childs
Jane Doherty
Jack Dunn
Anuj Dutta
Nicole Frontera
Libby Horak
Stella Kim
Theresa Kim

Gabby Law
Annie Maines
Michael Mazzariello
Antonia Sames
Anna Strunjas
Lily Tahmassebi
Justin Tanaka
Arthi Thyagarajan
Brenna Towell 
Sara Villanueva
Clare Westerman

As we do every year, we had many standby crews during the weekend. GERMS established a robust command system, incident command, two transporting crews, and one standby crew. GERMS ended up treating 39 patients throughout the weekend with over 40 hours of standby coverage.

New Executive Board & Captain – March 19, 2023 – Georgetown University

Top (L to R): Lauren Aslami, Tharun Potluri, Abby Hames, Sabreen Mohammed, Dua Mobin | Bottom (L to R): Sanjana Chimata, Merritt Hayes, Noah Money, Jess Visone, Charlotte Rowley

GERMS recently elected a new Executive Board and selected a new Captain to serve for the 2023 – 2024 year. GERMS is excited to announce the following members and their respective roles:

Captain: Lauren Aslami

Vice-President of Operations: Abby Hames

Vice-President of DEI: Dua Mobin

Treasurer: Merritt Hayes

Junior Member-At-Large: Jess Visone

President: Tharun Potluri

Vice-President of Staff: Sabreen Mohammed

Vice-President of Education: Sanjana Chimata

Senior Member-At-Large: Noah Money

Secretary: Charlotte Rowley

GERMS would like to take an opportunity to thank the last-years Executive Board and Captain for their service to the organization and the Georgetown community. GERMS would like to recognize the following members that are graduating later this Spring:

Captain: Jack Childs

Vice-President of Operations: Jack Dunn

Senior Member-At-Large: Calyn Brumley

President: Anuj Dutta

Vice-President of Staff: Myra Chaudhry

Secretary: Nicole Frontera

NCEMSF – February 26, 2023 – Boston, Massachusetts

Top (L to R): Noah Money, Jack Dunn, Jack Childs, Thomas Ostberg, Tharun Potluri | Bottom (L to R): Abby Hames, Maureen Schwarz, Sami Hariharan, Maddie Flynn, Sydney Cook, Manya Reddy

GERMS was once again in attendance at the NCEMSF Conference in Boston, Massachusetts. NCEMSF conferences are the centerpiece of campus EMS interaction. The conference provides an opportunity for groups wanting more information on how to implement or improve campus EMS at their school find a plethora of information available and an opportunity to ask a large group of people specific questions about campus EMS operations is a huge benefit. It features countless EMS related activities and lectures, supporting our goal for continuous improvement as EMTs.

This year, GERMS was awarded for being a Bronze Tier EMS Ready Campus which recognizes excellence in emergency management and disaster preparedness of collegiate EMS organizations.  Additionally, the recognition provides a framework for the enhancement of emergency management education, overall campus preparedness, and response capabilities for the organization.

GERMS also continued their recognition as a HEARTSafe Campus which encourages and promotes community awareness of the potential for saving the lives of sudden cardiac arrest victims through the use of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and increased public access to defibrillation.