Event Standbys

Georgetown EMS can be hired to provide emergency medical coverage at events on or off campus. We are capable of providing either non-transporting crews (2 EMTs) or transporting crews (4 EMTs and a transporting ambulance). We provide this service at a set fee, negotiable in the case of special events and circumstances.

Events we have covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Sporting Events/Races
  • Concerts
  • Open Houses/Orientations
  • Ceremonies/Graduations

The Event Standby Request Form is available below, to be submitted in accordance with minimum notification time. We ask that if you are interested in hiring a standby crew, please contact us three (3) days prior to the event for a non-transporting crew, and seven (7) days prior for a transporting ambulance and crew. This allows us to ensure that a crew and ambulance will be available to fit your request. Pricing is as follows:

  • First-responding crew (2 EMTs): $110/hour
  • Transporting crew (2+ EMTs and Ambulance): $180/hour

For more information or to request standby medical services for your event, please contact us at Director of Standbys or fill out this form.